Sunday, November 4, 2007

Cami was baptized yesterday, it was so neat. She was so excited. We are really proud of her. The day before she was baptized Suzanne took her up to the temple and took some pictures. They turned out really cute I wish I could put them all on. We wish you all could have been there but we understand that you all have your own things going on. We were so happy to have the family that was able to come it really meant alot to all of us especially Cami.

One of my favorites

Cami was so happy that Grandma and Grandpa Lamb could come. We missed Grandma and Grandpa Searle but know they are doing a great job in South Africa

Here are a few pictures from out trip to Yellowstone I hope I didn't duplicate any of the pictures Suzanne put on her blog, but she is so far ahead of me you probably wouldn't remember them anyway. We had so much fun with Scott and Suzanne's family and Mitch and Nicole's family. We really want to go back next summer when we can spend more time there. We saw some really amazing things.

I just love my girls!

Our kids saw some of the most amazing wildlife! This picture at Firehole Falls is where we saw the salmon trying to jump up the Falls, it was awesome and one of my personal favorite things we saw while we were there.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We've had this puppy for almost a month now but I'm behind on my blog. Her Name is Pebbles and the kids love her. She is a Jack Russell Terrier, a little hyper but very smart. The kids have already taught her several tricks.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Here is another clip. Pay close attention to Mitch at the end. It's pretty funny.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Black Bear

We went and stayed and Nicole's Grandma's cabin this weekend with Mitch and Nicole and Scott and Suzanne and their families. We went to yellowstone but that is not where we found this bear. Mitch and Nicole took Dallin and his buddy Hayden for a 4 wheeler ride/hike. While on the hike Hayden and Dallin came face to face with this big black bear (they were within 4 or 5 feet) They yelled bear and ran, Mitch confirmed that it was a bear and took off as well. Later Steve, Scott and Mitch went back to the same spot and he was still there and they soon found out why. He was eating a elk and you can see it in the video. Pretty wild. We are glad the bear was enjoying the elk or he might have gone after the boys.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Thought I would share some pictures from our camping trip for the opening of the Bow Hunt. We had lots of fun!

Here is Audrey playing a game they call the "log challenge" You have to make it down the log reach down and touch the water then walk back up the log. Dallin doesn't do it anymore because a of bad experience a couple summers ago, Yep he went for a swim.

Cami, taking the log challenge.

Yes that's Steve climbing the tree.
Time to up the life insurance.

Dallin Caught a couple fish at Blue Lake

Steve taught Cami how to ride the dirt bike. She loved it!

And She's Off

I think he's mastered the "wheelie"

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This is about the only picture of Steve and I in Lake Powell. We are lame we didn't even want to take this but we forced ourselves! This picture was taken when we went on a hike to some natural pools, they were dry, we are standing in one of them. We went back 2 days later and they were full... go figure.

This canyon is called Cathedral in the Desert. Maybe some of you have seen it. It's really neat you drive your boat back into it then you can hike even further back where there are water falls and natural pools. It's a pretty cool hike.

Another one of Cathedral in the Desert

Monday, August 13, 2007

My kids had so much fun in AZ. They got to see everybody. They really got to know Mandy's kids and love them to death. (Mandy they are working on a care package for your girls it's cute) When I picked them up at the airport Cami said she almost had tears leaving Grandpa. How awesome is that to have a place besides home that they feel so loved.

This is priceless. Lizzy thanks for the picture

I had my kids pictures taken today I thought I would share. I'm not happy with the group picture I think I will go back, they cut cami out and Dallin is trying to be taller than Audrey.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Here are a few pictures from our day at Deer Creek.

Dallin had a hurt hand so all he could do was drive the boat,
you can imagine how disapointed he was.

Here is Audrey about to go outside the wake.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Audrey and Dallin's 1st Triathalon. They did really well they both took 4th place in thier divisions. I don't think I could do one! It looked hard. I wish I had more pictures of the actual triathalon but we only have video. Just a side note, Chad Lewis's kids did the traithalon as well.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

We went camping/4 wheeling over Memorial weekend. We had so much fun! I thought I would share some pictures.

There are some really fun ATV trails in Kanosh Canyon.

After I saw Sarah's snake picture I had to post this one. We found this snake on our hike and were trying to force it out of the bush so the kids could get a better look (it looked harmless) I thought I would try to get a good picture of it so I got down face to face with the thing and as soon as the flash went off the snake put it's tail up in the air and Rattled it! I freaked. Steve didn't believe me so he had to get a better look and it rattled it's tail for him as well. We left it alone after that. Click on the picture for a closer look. Scary!

This is Dallin on our hike... So Adventureous!

The best part of camping is just relaxing and spending time together. Dallin is still looking for Elk In fact I think most of the pictures I have he is looking for Elk or some other animal.

Here is one of Audrey

Steve and Dallin are always looking for big Elk.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Audrey's Soccer

This was a game Audrey played in April. She plays Tomorrow May 12th for her Division Championship, she has done so well. Her team finished 3rd to last, last year so they have come a long way.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

I had to post this for Dad's sake. Dallin has a membership to a place called ultimate sports, this allows him to practice whenever he wants. He can hit in the batting cages or off the tee or even practice pitching if he wants. One of the benefits is instruction from Coach Pullens. Many of you know Dad played ball with Pullens, he was very excited when he found out who Dallin was. He told us about Dad's last at bat, how he hit a home run off a pitcher that went to the pros shortly after. He tells the story with a lot of enthusiasm. He said "Man Dennis could always get the job done" I just had to share

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

My Favorite (If you look really close you can see
the ball about a foot in front of her)

So Stinkin Cute

Cami's Baseball Game, No worries right after her game her and her best friend were in the bathroom putting make up on.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Grandma Lambie's Funeral

Sydney, Cami, Reegan, & Maddie at Grandma Lambie's graveside.
Cute story: All the grandkids were instructed to put a rose on Grandma's grave. Reegan's response to this: "Here McKinley, tell her its from Reegan." Oh we love her!

Our family at our Grandma Lambie's funeral in Arizona.
Cami - flower girl.